People Issue

The People Issue is an annual project that highlights around 20 individuals from Chicago who are typically not in the media spotlight but do amazing work. It's always a challenge to display 20 stories with equal weight so in 2013 we started developing micro sites in order to better serve that purpose. 2013 was a bit overly complicated (parallax scrolling was all the new rage) but we achieved the original creative direction. In subsequent years we slowly paired back the design in order to let the content—the stories, photography, and videos—shine through. In 2015 we achieved an elegant solution and in 2016 we simply added to the 2015 build in order to leverage the content from previous years. 

Original sketch for the 2013 site. 

Original sketch for the 2013 site. 

Final build of the 2013 site.

Final build of the 2013 site.

Web site design

The Reader is in the exploratory stage of redesigning its website for a new and improved experience for its audience. A simplified design, intuitive navigation, and paired down advertisements to increase their value are the cornerstones to the new site. Mobile-first is the mantra and future flexibility is the aim. 


Email design

The Reader is in the process of updating its email designs to unify the branding and to add new categories of newsletters to better leverage the breadth of its weekly content beyond the main website.


MObile app design

The Reader developed a mobile app called "Reader 5" in 2015 order to leverage and promote the depth of our listings. The idea was to offer five things to do a day across a diverse range of categories, searchable in a list, by location, or by time. The app was never completed due to financial constraints.